Postoperative infection and its costly consequences call for a deeper understanding of risk prevention. Within this context, the use of reprocessed implants raises several concerns, as most manufacturers supply non-sterile implant trays to hospitals.

One of the first questions is about the integrity of the surface of the implant after hundreds of sterilizations. Then, before and during the surgery the implants are exposed to hazardous contamination; even after the sterilization, it is well documented that endotoxins retain their biological activity.


Finally, the lack of traceability of implant batch may result in time-consuming practices and legal concerns, associated with the responsibility of the sterilization of the implant. 

Working with prepackaged sterile implants presents several advantages in terms of safety, implant integrity, traceability, liability and cost savings.

Spineart delivers a unique service to hospitals and patients with its full range of individually sterile packed bar-coded implants.

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