3 November 2017

Spineart Announces 1,000th Scarlet Cervical Stand-Alone Surgery

Spineart today announced it has completed 1,000 Scarlet AC-T surgeries in the US. Scarlet AC-T is the first stand-alone cervical device offered by Spineart.  The titanium cage, secured with titanium screws, is inserted flush to vertebral bodies thus reducing potential risks associated with dysphagia and adjacent-level ossification.  With lordotic and anatomic profiles, 2 footprints, and multiple cage heights Scarlet, AC-T allows surgeons to address variable patient anatomy while providing optimal fit between endplates.  As with all of Spineart’s ever-expanding spine portfolio, the Scarlet AC-T system is comprised of sterile implants and one compact instrument set.

22 September 2017

Announcement Alpes CN acquisition

Spineart has strengthened its production capacity with the acquisition of Alpes-CN, a recognized expert in spinal implant manufacturing.  This key step in Spineart’s expansion will support the Company’s rapid growth while maintaining the highest level of customer service. 


Since the first half of 2016, Spineart has maintained a steady growth rate of 25.6% worldwide. Driving these results is a 35.7% increase in US sales, a 25.1% increase in direct country sales, as well as several new product launches, including the Company’s proprietary Ti-Life Technology, a 3D-printed macroporous scaffold that mimics trabecular bone.