28 July 2015


Dr Juan M. Valdivia, MD, FAANS, successfully corrected an adult deformity with a novel hybrid construct technique, using ROMEO®2 and ROMEO®2 MIS systems. The procedure, performed in 2 stages, involved the placement of lateral interbody devices at L1-L3.  

The pedicle screw placement was performed with an open technique (midline incision) at T11- L1; at L2-L5 the screws were placed with a minimally invasive technique (percutaneous) and then fixated with a percutaneous rod. A MIS Smith Petersen-type osteotomy was performed to allow percutaneous correction of the coronal deformity, as well as a percutaneous coronal in-situ bending.

This combination of techniques allowed Dr Valdivia to complete the procedure with minimal blood loss in a patient presenting with a BMI of 48.

Dr Valdivia, after the case commented: '" I have chosen to perform the hybrid construct with the ROMEO®2 because ease-of-use and efficiency is the trademark of the system, even in a complex procedure. The reduction towers and the ROMEO®2 25D screws allowed me to perform a better derotation maneuver”. 

Dr Valdivia is currently working at the Tampa BayCare Brain and Spine Institute, FL.

27 May 2015

Spineart announces China CFDA clearance of extensive fusion portfolio

It includes cervical cages, plates and cage-plates (TRYPTIK®), lumbar cages (JULIET® PLIF, TLIF, ALIF) and the renowned thoracolumbar osteosynthesis system, ROMEO®2.

This enables Spineart to address 90% of the fast-growing Chinese market (DDD, trauma, and deformities).

23 April 2015

Spineart Academy

Spineart is delighted to confirm the outstanding success of its latest Spineart Academy course held in Madrid on April 9th-10th 2015.

This meeting brought together 41 participants from 13 different countries and was mainly focused on Deformities, Minimally Invasive Surgery and Cervical spine. As a result, 32 surgeons were trained on ROMEO®2 and JULIET® portfolios as well as on our latest product launched SCARLET® AC-T, a full titanium secured cervical cage.

Moreover, the 2 years follow up clinical and radiological results on our BAGUERA®C disc prosthesis has been introduced to the audience.

10 March 2015


Spineart announced the completion of the regulatory approval process in India for its ROMEO®2 thoraco-lumbar system and its unique ROMEO®2 MIS K-Wireless technology, its full range of JULIET® lumbar cages, its full cervical fusion range TRYPTIK® and its flagship artificial cervical disc BAGUERA®C.

Spineart is now poised to address successfully this promising market in partnership with its local distributor.

2 March 2015


Last week Spineart hosted a lab in Austin where 23 participants from Mexico and New Zealand had the opportunity to learn more about the latest innovations in total cervical disc replacement and anterior cervical discectomy fusion, management of adult scoliosis and minimally invasive treatment methods for degenerative conditions as well as benefits of sterile packaged barcoded implants.

All participants had the opportunity to train on M.I.S. surgical techniques through interactive presentations and hands-on anatomical workshops. Thanks to prominent surgeon faculty from the USA and France the course proved very informative for each participant.