8 October 2007

Distribution expanding at breathtaking pace

Geneva, October 8th 2007. Spineart’s has signed a number of key distribution partnerships, including Germany, Spain, Argentina, Venezuela, and is now covering over 14 countries. In Spain, Spineart has reached an exclusive distribution contract and aims to reach a 5% market share within one year. In Latin America, SpineArt has signed two exclusive distribution contracts in Argentina and Venezuela, and is going to soon follow suit with Brazil and Mexico. Stéphane Mugnier, co-CEO and Head of Sales and Marketing, said:” Two years after its launch, Spineart already distributes its full line of innovative fusion implants, as well as its cervical artificial disc, BAGUERA®C, covering 80% of all spinal pathologies, in over 14 different countries. By the end of 2008, Spineart expect to cover three continents and distribute our full line of innovative products in over 20 countries, as Spineart expand our sales and marketing team and continue to roll out a new generation of implants.

1 September 2007

Spineart gains 8% of market share in France

Geneva, September 1st 2007. Spineart’s direct sales team has already garnered an 8% market share, after less than two years of commercialization of its products, thanks to its closeness and close collaboration with some of the country’s leading spinal surgeons. Spineart 's goal is to reach a 10% market share by end 2008.

20 January 2007

World's first pre-assembled MRI compatible cervical disc succesfull implanted

Geneva, January 20th 2007. SpineArt announces a breakthrough with the first implantation of its new generation of motion preservation implants, the cervical BAGUERA®C. Dr. Patrick Vally and Dr. Robin Srour, spine surgeons in Fort de France and Colmar, France, have successfully implanted the world’s first pre-assembled, MRI compatible, shock absorbing cervical artificial disc with containing a mobile PE inlay. In line with its philosophy of forever simplifying technical surgeries, SpineArt’s revolutionary cervical disc can be easily implanted with its small set of high quality instruments. Dr. Vally said:” I was satisfied by the BAGUERA®C as I believe that it represents a leap into the next generation of not only easier, but also safer motion preservation artificial discs.” Dr.Srour commented:” SpineArt’s new artificial disc represents a major breakthrough for surgeons as it must have been the easiest cervical disc that I have ever implanted.” Stéphane Mugnier, co-CEO, commented: “After having launched a full line of innovative spinal fusion implants in record time, SpineArt is beginning a new era by designing and launching a new breed of products which will place it at the forefront of the spinal industry.”