16 November 2005

First implantation of TRYPTIK® cervical cage

Geneva, November 16th 2005. SpineArt is proud to announce the first implantation of its TRYPTIK®CA cervical cage. This innovative cage includes a dynamic concept which accelerates fusion, 4 stabilizing fins guaranteeing its stability and preventing it from being expulsed, and an anatomical shape allowing for an easy insertion and a perfect fit between the vertebral endplates. SpineArt expects to roll out a full range of innovative fusion implants before end 2006. Dr.Paolo Mangione, renowned spine surgeon from Bordeaux’s CAD (Centre Aquitain du Dos) said “Today, I realized the first implantation of SpineArt’s cervical cage, TRYPTIK®CA. I was really impressed by the smoothness of the operation as the implant is ideally designed to be easily inserted into the intervertebral space. It was also the first time that I used SpineArt’s set of ancillaries, and was just surprised to be able to accomplish this operation with such a small number of well designed ancillaries. The best part is that they also look really good!”

3 October 2005

I.S.O. Certification

Geneva, October 3rd 2005. SpineArt SA has been  granted  ISO 13485 & ISO 9001 certifications, as well as the confirmation of conformity to the CE marking 93/42/EEC. Mr. Pennesi, Director of Quality & Regulatory Affairs said: "This is an important first milestone reached by Spineart, allowing us to operate as a medtech specialist in Europe."

16 May 2005


Geneva, May 15th 2005. Spineart is proud to announce the launch of its company.
Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, founded by an expert team of spine specialists, Spineart`s goal is to become leader of a new spinal generation by creating a full range of innovative fusion and motion preservation implants and by drastically simplifying the use of the set.